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About ETA
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ETA International is a professional engineering company that combines personal experience and industry relationships to bring flexibility, innovation, and value to engineering projects worldwide.

Personal Experience

Our principal engineer, Mr. Don Johnson, is a registered professional engineer with more than 23 years experience in engineering, testing, and analysis.  Mr. Johnson has personally completed projects in the following areas. 

  • Subsea system design, assembly, testing, and analysis

  • Testing and failure analysis of offshore hose and flexible pipe

  • High pressure / high load testing in hazardous environments

  • Pressure vessel design and fabrication

  • Offshore flowline system design and analysis

  • Test fixture, system, and procedure development

  • Product development


Industry Relationships

ETA International has working relationships with other technical companies that specialize in engineering design, analysis, fabrication with composite materials, metallurgy, and precision machining. Through these relationships, excellent personnel and facilities can be applied to a project without the overhead normally associated with a large organization. We can put together a project team to meet your needs.


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