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ETA has been busy on these and other projects. Contact us for more information!

LNG Re-Gasification Study

Tension Testing of Flexible Pipe

Hydrostatic and Burst Testing

Bend Stiffness Testing

Monitor/Record Strain Gage Data

SPM Hose String Assembly


SPM Hose Test


LNG Re-Gasification Study

Combined Bending and Tension Testing of Flexible Pipe

Hydrostatic and Burst Testing of Flexible Pipe

View the video clip (19.6Mb)! Opens a new window

Bend Stiffness Testing of
Flexible Pipe

Monitor/Record 72 Channels
of Strain Gage Data

On-site Engineering Support of SPM Hose String Assembly, Test, Tow Out, and Connection

On-site Engineering Support of
Tether Buoy Installation

Design and OrcaFlex® Analysis of Hose Tether Buoy System

SPM Hose Burst Tests at
Statia Terminal

Front End Engineering Design and Specification of Buoy Flexible Riser

Engineering and Testing Program for Flexible Overland Pipeline System

Final Installation, Fit-up and Testing of Hatches for Manned Submersible Vehicle


Technical Support of Hull Hydrostatic Test at NSWC - Carderock

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OrcaFlex Analysis
for Paradip CALM


Test Planning and Design for Manned Submersible Vehicle


Buoy Mounted Leak Detection System for Double Carcass SPM Hoses


Subject Matter Expertise for Flexibla Pipe Repair

Hatch Operability Mock-up for Manned Submersible Vehicle

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Hatch Seal Extrusion Tests for Manned Submersible Vehicle

View Detail of Extrusion Measurement. Opens a new window

Design and Analysis of Offloading System Components

Ship-to-Shore Fuel Transfer System Assembly and Test - Thule Air Base, Greenland

Bend Testing Device for 10,000 Feet of Seawater

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