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ETA has been busy on these and other projects. Contact us for more information!

Hydrostatic and Burst Testing

Bend Stiffness Testing

Mechanical Leak Detector

SPM Hose String Assembly


OrcaFlex® Analysis

SPM Hose Test


Hydrostatic and Burst Testing of Flexible Pipe

View the video clip (19.6Mb)! Opens a new window

Bend Stiffness Testing of
Flexible Pipe

Mechanical Leak Detector for
Offshore Flowlines

On-site Engineering Support of SPM Hose String Assembly, Tow Out, and Connection in the GIMBOA Field

On-site Engineering Support of
Tether Buoy Installation in the

Design and OrcaFlex® Analysis of Hose Tether Buoy System for the GIMBOA Field

SPM Hose Burst Tests at
Statia Terminal

Front End Engineering Design and Specification of Buoy Flexible Riser for Repsol-YPF Aurora Project

Engineering and Testing Program for Flexible Overland Pipeline System

Final Installation, Fit-up and Testing of Hatches for Manned Submersible Vehicle

OrcaFlex Analysis for Turkmenistan Block 1 Extended Well Test System


Technical Support of Hull Hydrostatic Test at NSWC - Carderock

View the the slide show (968Kb)! Opens a new window


OrcaFlex Analysis
for Paradip CALM


Test Planning and Design for Manned Submersible Vehicle


Buoy Mounted Leak Detection System for Double Carcass SPM Hoses


Subject Matter Expertise for the 6-inch gas line repair on the Exxon-Mobil JADE Platform

Hatch Operability Mock-up for Manned Submersible Vehicle

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Hatch Seal Extrusion Tests for Manned Submersible Vehicle

View Detail of Extrusion Measurement. Opens a new window

Design and Analysis of Offloading System Components for Su Tu Den FPSO
Survey of Reeled Marine Hose System - Gulf of Thailand

Ship-to-Shore Fuel Transfer System Assembly and Test - Thule Air Base, Greenland
Industrial Automation - Spring inserting/cutting device modeled in PRO/Engineer

Bend Testing Device for 10,000 Feet of Seawater

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