Mr. Donald W. Johnson P.E.
Mechanical Engineer

Don Johnson is a registered professional engineer with more than 20 years experience
in mechanical engineering, testing, and analysis.
  • 10 yrs as Research Engineer and Senior Research Engineer at Southwest Research Institute
  • 4 years as Engineering Manager at Manuli Oil & Marine
  • 9 years as Principal Engineer at ETA International
  • Service on the committees that developed API Spec 16C and 17K
  • Patent No. 5,954,095 and No. 5,920,976 "Apparatus and Method for Remotely Sealing
    a Damaged Pipe"
  • Offshore Technology Conference Paper 8241, "Deepwater Tests of Wet Mateable
    Electric and Hydraulic Connectors"
  • Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering Conference Paper OMAE2007-29578, “Hatch Seal
    Design Parameters for Manned Submersible Vehicles”
  • Underwater Intervention 2008, “A Compliant Yoke System for Hatches in Manned Submersibles”